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Scuba & Spearfishing:  Tips and Tricks – Scuba Gear Hacks, Speargun DIY – Make Diving Easier

DIY Hacks:  Tool Tips, Garage Ideas, Car Stuff, Boat Stuff


I’ll give you hints to help you identify money saving areas.  Many materials are  free for the taking (ask first) at construction sites or in your neighbor’s trash pile. Wood, wallboard, wiring, PVC, and strange items you never thought had a use will start presenting themselves to you as long as you are on the lookout.  Just walk the aisles of a Hardware Store until you see an item that fits the bill.  Find a friend that holds onto scrap or leftover materials from projects. I would rather share some of my extra stuff than hold onto it forever.


Many of my hacks use tools that the average person may not have.  Don’t worry, a cheap hacksaw sometime works better than a fancy table saw.  Use some of my DIY hacks with little or no variation to accomplish an entirely new result.  Change my DIY hacks drastically if you need to.   If you come up with a cool idea, please send in a comment and explain your concept


Some of my posts will not be about DIY hacks, but please give them a look anyway and see if there is something you like!